sábado, 10 de outubro de 2009


* "... Porque você insiste em dizer que ainda existe vida sem você? Quando você não esperar vai doer, eu sei como vai doer. E vai passar como passou por mim e fazer com que se sinta assim, como eu sinto, como eu vejo, como eu vivo. Como eu não canso de tentar, eu sei que vai ouvir, eu sei que vai lembrar, vai rezar pra esquecer, vai pedir pra esquecer, mas eu não vou deixar, EU NÃO VOU DEIXAR!..." (milonga - fresno)

* "She was a friend, a friend of a friend and I thought it was supposed to be like it. I thought you wuold end up with a boyfriend, but always thinkig about me when you go sleep. Well, I was wrong. I wrote you this song to let you know what you need to know. That all I need is to make sure you love, that you love me and there's nothing above. And now that we have found each others hand our stories will never part wats again. She was a friend, a friend of mine, the type that we spend our lives trying to find. I thought in the end you'd be okay watching the love of your life fading away." (All I need - Beeshop (tradução: http://letras.terra.com.br/beeshop/1433042/traducao.html)

* " If you find yourself here on my side of town, I'd pray that you'd come to my door talk to me like you don't know what we ever fought about cause I don't remember anymore. I just know that she warms my heart and knows where all my imperfections are. Ans she said that I was the brightest little firefly in her jar." (Brightest - Beeshop (tradução: http://letras.terra.com.br/beeshop/1102145/traducao.html)

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